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Polaris ran from 2012 to 2021 as a sister-site to JNR. It published reports on conferences and symposia, reviews of exhibitions and performances, one-off podcasts, news and announcements, as well as short essays and summaries of research findings.

Below are links to some Polaris posts: please bear with us as we make the full collection available here over the coming weeks and iron out formatting issues. If there is a particular post you know of that you would like to access or read, please contact us.

❦  REPORT: Symposium for Seventeenth-Century Scottish Literature, 2021 ~ READ
Jessica Reid & Heather Wells

❦  Olaus Petri and Josephus Flavius: A Comparison ~ READ
Andrey Scheglov

❦  MEMOs: An Exciting New Digital Hub for Early Interactions Between England and the Islamic Worlds ~ READ
Lubaaba Al-Azami & Samera Hassan

❦  Olaus Petri: A Protestant reformer who approved of dissection ~ READ
Andrey Scheglov

❦  EXHIBITION REVIEW: The Slovak National Gallery’s Non-Permanent Exhibition ~ READ
Magdalena Łanuszka

❦  Habits of Highly Effective Researchers? Online Communication and the Early Modern Boundaries Network ~ READ
Peter Auger

❦ PODCAST: Fake News in Early Modern England – 3 lectures by Rebecca Hasler ~ READ/LISTEN
Zoë Sutherland

❦ PERFORMANCE REPORT: The Masque of the Olympic Knights, St Andrews, 11 February 2017 ~ READ
Rachel Horrocks

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