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8: Scrutinizing Surfaces (Spring 2017)

Editorial : Scrutinizing Surfaces in Early Modern Thought (HTML/PDF)
Liz Oakley-Brown and Kevin Killeen

‘A unique instance of art’: The Proliferating Surfaces of Early Modern Paper (HTML/PDF)
Helen Smith

❧ ‘Such dispersive scattredness’: Early Modern Encounters with Binding Waste (HTML/PDF)
Anna Reynolds

‘Like to a title leafe’: Surface, Face, and Material Text in Early Modern England (HTML/PDF)
Lucy Razzall

The Poetics of Page-Turning: The Interactive Surfaces of Early Modern Printed Poetry (HTML/PDF)
Craig Farrell

Reading Materials: Textile Surfaces and Early Modern Books (HTML/PDF)
Claire Canavan

❧ ‘Inclosed in this tabernacle of flesh’: Body, Soul, and the Singing Voice (HTML/PDF)
Richard Wistreich

❧ Brief Reflections: The Marble Surfaces of Marvell’s Sepulchral Verse (HTML/PDF)
Stewart Mottram

Microscopy, Surfaces and the Unknowable in Seventeenth-Century Natural Philosophy (from Lucretius to Margaret Cavendish) (HTML/PDF)
Kevin Killeen

‘Let the more loving one be me’: The Paranoid and Reparative Dynamics of Editing Anna Trapnel’s Report and Plea (1654) (HTML/PDF)
Hilary Hinds

Translating Surfaces: Shakespeare’s As You Like It, 1599-1989 (HTML/PDF)
Liz Oakley-Brown

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