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6: Numbers in Early Modern Writing (2014)

❦ Editorial — Numbers in Early Modern Writing (HTML/PDF)
Katherine Hunt and Rebecca Tomlin

‘Whiche elles shuld farre excelle mans mynde’: Numerical Reason in Robert Recorde’s Ground of Artes (1543) (HTML/PDF)
Lisa Wilde

The Number of Motion: Camillo Agrippa’s Geometrical Fencing and the Enumeration of the Body (HTML/PDF)
Ken Mondschein

Sixteenth-Century Humanism, Printing and Authorial Self-Fashioning: The Case of James Peele (HTML/PDF)
Rebecca Tomlin

Donne, by Number: Quantification and Love in ‘Songs and Sonnets’ (HTML/PDF)
James Beaver

Sexual and Poetic Figuration and the New Mathematics in Shakespeare’s Sonnets (HTML/PDF)
Stephen Deng

‘Superfluous Death’ and The Mathematics of Revenge (HTML/PDF)
Derek Dunne

Convenient Characters: Numerical Tables in William Godbid’s Printed Books (HTML/PDF)
Katherine Hunt

‘1144000727777607680000 wayes’: Early Modern Cryptography as Fashionable Reading (HTML/PDF)
Katherine Ellison

Epilogue — Writing in the Aftermath: Digital Humanities, c. 1600? (HTML/PDF)
Carla Mazzio

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