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4: Natio Scota (2012)

Editorial: Natio Scota (HTML/PDF)
Alessandra Petrina

‘Rare shewes and singular inventions’: The Stirling Baptism of Prince Henry (HTML/PDF)
Michael Bath

The ‘Silkin Schakillis’ of Lichtoun’s Dream (HTML/PDF)
Janet Hadley Williams

Cacophonous Catalogues: The Complaynt of Scotland and the ‘Monologue Recreative’ (HTML/PDF)
L.A.J.R. Houwen

Scotland’s Early Literature on Healing Waters, 1580-1636 (HTML/PDF)
Karen Jillings

Robert Henryson and his Orpheus and Eurydice (HTML/PDF)
Beatrice Mameli

Roswall and Lillian, the ‘Lord of Learne’ and the Study of Medieval Romance and the Early-Modern Ballad (HTML/PDF)
Rhiannon Purdie

The Apocalyptic Muse of Francis Hamilton of Silvertonhill (HTML/PDF)
Jamie Reid Baxter

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