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2: Memory (2010)

Editorial: Imagining the Past, Remembering the Future (HTML/PDF)
R.W. Maslen

Andrew Bairhum, Giovanni Ferrerio and the ‘Lighter Style of Painting’ (HTML/PDF)
Michael Bath

Remembering Aemilia Lanyer (HTML/PDF)
Kate Chedgzoy

‘A memorie nouriched by images’: Reforming the Art of Memory in William Fowler’s Tarantula of Love (HTML/PDF)
Elizabeth Elliott

The Spectral Historiopoetics of the Mirror for Magistrates (HTML/PDF)
Donald Jellerson

❧ Re(-)Membering Women: Protestant Women’s Victim Testimonies during the Irish Rising of 1641 (HTML/PDF)
Naomi McAreavey

❧ ‘[R]emember, with advantages’: Creating Memory in Shakespeare’s Henry V (HTML/PDF)
Rebecca Warren-Heys

❧ ‘A good Booke is the pretious life-blood of a master-spirit’: Recollecting Relics in Post-Reformation English Writing (HTML/PDF)
Lucy Razzall

❧ ‘With such a Wife ’tis heaven on earth to dwell’: Memorialising Early Modern Englishwomen (HTML/PDF)
Marion Wynne-Davies

Review Article: The New Globalism’s Bubble (HTML/PDF)
Douglas Bruster

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