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11: Imagineering Violence (2020)

Editorial ~ Imagineering Violence: the Spectacle of Violence in the Early Modern Period (HTML/PDF)
Karel Vanhaesebrouck and Cornelis van der Haven

Offering Peace by Showing Violence: Jan Vos’s Amsterdam Charm Offensive (HTML/PDF)
Yannice De Bruyn

Explaining Homicide: Medical Expertise, Representations of Violence, and the Demands of the Law in Early Modern Flanders (HTML/PDF)
Kevin Dekoster

Violence Heard: The Ekphrasis of Sound from Thundering Sea Battles to Thick Silence (HTML/PDF)
Frans-Willem Korsten and Marijn van Dijk

‘Vengeance from God for the blood of Innocents’: The Cultural Afterlife of the Valtellina Crisis in the Early Stuart Imagination (HTML/PDF)
Thom Pritchard

The Displacement of Violence: Measure for Measure, Legal Discourse and Violent Imagery (HTML/PDF)
Klaas Tindemans

Stoned, Slain, Sawn Asunder: Violence, Consolation and the Meanings of Martyrdom in Early Modern England (HTML/PDF)
Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen

‘The very best history book, decorated with 1,191 curious copper plates’: Gottfrieds Historische kronyck as an inventory of execution prints (HTML/PDF)
Michel van Duijnen

Cornelius Hazart and a connected history of executed Christian Japanese children (HTML/PDF)
Johan Verberckmoes

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