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1: The Idea of North (2009)

Editorial: The Idea of the North ( HTML / PDF )
Patrick Hart and Sebastiaan Verweij

The Idea of North ( HTML / PDF )
Andrew Hadfield

Periodization, Modernity, Nation: Benjamin Between Renaissance and Baroque ( HTML / PDF )
Jane O. Newman

Nuremberg and the Topographies of Expectation (HTML / PDF)
Jeffrey Chipps Smith

Ficino in Aberdeen: The Continuing Problem of the Scottish Renaissance ( HTML / PDF )
Jane Stevenson and Peter Davidson

Frances Quarles’ Early Poetry and the Discourses of Jacobean Spenserianism ( HTML / PDF )
Adrian Streete

Jesuits and Philosophasters: Robert Burton’s Response to the Gunpowder Plot ( HTML / PDF )
Kathryn Murphy

Dreams, Freedom of Speech, and the Demonic Affiliations of Robin Goodfellow ( HTML / PDF )
R.W. Maslen

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