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14: Emotional Objects (2023)

Northern Renaissance Afterlives in Object, Image and Word

Edited by Juliet Simpson and Gabriele RippL

Building on the 2021 Warburg Institute conference of the same name, this special issue examines the complex relationship between the visual, material and literary practices of the Northern Renaissance and the cultural modernities of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


Juliet Simpson and Gabriele Rippl, ‘Emotional Objects – Northern Renaissance Afterlives in Object, Image and Word’
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Section 1: Emotional Histories –
(Re)-Encountering/Staging the Northern Renaissance

Juliet Simpson, ‘Emotional Afterlives and Counter-Cultural French Renaissances: Schongauer, Fouquet and Quarton Reloaded, 1875-1904’
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Stephanie Heremans, ‘Aby Warburg in Brussels: Notes on a Historical Tournament, 1905’
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Evanghelia Stead, ‘Dark Emotions in Max Klinger’s Der Äpfelchen begehrt ihr sehr: A Comparison with Early German Masters’
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Section 2: Emotional Viewing – Affective Objects

Andrea Bubenik, ‘An Emotional Object: Trauma and Healing for Dürer’s Feast of the Rosegarlands, 1873-1928′
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Niccola Shearman, ‘Emotional Viewing: On Finding a Visible Relief in the German Woodcut Print, c. 1435-1921’
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Section 3: Northern Renaissance ‘Modernities’ in Word, Image and Legacy

Andrew Murray, ‘The Tragedy, Pathosformeln and Politics of Huizinga’s Autumntide of the Middle Ages
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Hans C. Hönes, ‘Wölfflin’s North: The Burden of Belonging’
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