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Information for reviewers

JNR is interested in publishing reviews of academic books, exhibitions, films, concerts and any other cultural or academic works that engage with the Northern Renaissance. If you would like to review for us, please contact our reviews editor, detailing the work you would like to review. If you are proposing to review a book and do not already have a copy, let us know too the format in which you would prefer to receive it (hard copy/pdf/e-book).

We welcome reviewers at any stage in their academic career as well as those from outside academia or with no institutional affiliation. If you do not already have an established record of academic publication, however, please send us, along with your request to review, a short note or CV explaining why you would be a suitable reviewer, and, if possible, a link to some of your previous work.

If you haven’t published an academic book review before, we’d still like to hear from you. We welcome reviews from postgraduate students and provide editorial support for first-time reviewers.

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