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I. M. Katherine Heavey

Our wonderful colleague, fellow editor and friend Dr Katherine Heavey died in March 2022 after some months of illness. Katherine brought enthusiasm, brilliance and scholarly rigour to JNR, and was with us for too short a time. She is much missed. Our thoughts are with Katherine’s family.

Katherine’s first involvement with JNR came in 2015, when the journal published her article ‘Properer Men’: Myth, Manhood and the Trojan War in Greene, Shakespeare and Heywood. Focusing on Robert Greene’s Euphues His Censure to Philautus, Thomas Heywood’s The Iron Age Part I and William Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, Katherine there investigated competing models of manhood – from the militaristic to the rhetorical – and offered an absorbing study of Troy as the locus for early modern debates on masculinity. The same year she published her highly recommended monograph, The Early Modern Medea: Medea in English Literature, 1558-1688. A couple of years later in 2017 JNR published Katherine’s review of two recent studies of Christopher Marlowe.

In 2020 Katherine edited a special issue of Translation and Literature dedicated to ‘Classical Tragedy Translated in Early Modern England’, and the following year she joined JNR’s editorial team. Her work lives on in her own scholarship and in the generous contributions she made to others’ through her teaching and her editorial labours.

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