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Welcome to the Journal of the Northern Renaissance, a member of the Radical Open Access Collective.

JNR is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to the study of the full variety of early modern Northern European cultural practices. We place a special emphasis upon questioning the derivation of our inherited paradigms and upon exploring alternative conceptualisations, geographies and periodisations of the Renaissance. JNR is committed to providing genuinely open access scholarship while upholding rigorous academic standards. This means that while all articles in JNR are double-blind peer-reviewed, authors do not pay to publish with us, and readers do not pay to read or download articles or reviews (no hidden fees, no article processing charges). Everything we publish is free to access immediately from the date of publication, and is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 International License.

Latest Issue

JNR 14 : Emotional Objects: Northern Renaissance Afterlives in Object, Image and Word (2023)

Coming soon 

Read a taster from our forthcoming issue on Dance in the Northern Renaissance :

  Lynneth Miller Renberg, From Pulpit to Parish: Preaching Dance and Parish Dances in England and Scandinavia, 1300–1700

JNR on HUmanities Commons

We are delighted to be one of the first journals to be hosted by Humanities Commons, a nonprofit, interdisciplinary, broad-ranging alternative to commercial networks that is committed to open access scholarship.

Moving to HCommons (as it is also known) ensures that JNR will remain genuinely open access and free of charge for both readers and authors. It will also help make the journal more attractive to read and navigate, and more accessible. All JNR publications (past, present and future) will be uploaded to the CORE repository, Columbia University Libraries’ long-term digital preservation storage system. They will also receive a DOI (digital object identifier) that serves as a permalink, citation source, and assertion of authorship all in one.

Please bear with us as we complete the transition to our new home.  You can currently read all our articles and reviews online, but you may come across occasional glitches in formatting. We are working hard to resolve outstanding issues and to make all articles available both to read online and to download as PDFs from the CORE repository. If in the meantime you need access to a PDF of any JNR article, or have any other question about JNR, please contact us at northernrenaissance [at] gmail [dot] com, and we’ll be very happy to help.

Highlights from the JNR archives

☞ Andrew Hadfield, The Idea of North ~ JNR 1 (2009)

☞ Janet Hadley Williams, The ‘Silkin Schakillis’ of Lichtoun’s Dream ~ JNR 4 (2012)

☞ Jennifer Richards, The voice of Anne Askew ~ JNR 9 (2017)



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  1. Penelope Shepherd January 26, 2023

    I admire your convictions and wish more would take on board your ideology.
    Research should be freely available to all, not to those who can afford it.

    Your brief summary was succinct and appreciated.

    I wish you all the best and will be returning frequently.


  2. Luís Henriques November 21, 2023

    Such a great news to know of journals moving to HC and preserving their open access ideals. All the best and success.

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